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Moles Removal

We bring to you the aesthetics of the beauty and the science of medical knowledge as a single unified service under one roof.

Laser Mole Removal Treatment

Moles are medicinally known as nevi and they are essentially a bunch of pigmented cells which are seen on the skin as dark or darker spots. There are diverse sorts of moles. While the vast majority of the circumstances the moles are safe, there are a couple of which could be cosmetically unappealing or infrequently may end up noticeably harmful. They can show up on any piece of the body and when you achieve adulthood, you could have around 10-40 moles, according to an examination. With age, a portion of the moles vanish and few others change their colour may develop in measure. A mole is framed when a gathering of cells assembled Melanocytes come and develop in a group at a specific spot on the body. They might be level or projecting. They are of various sorts, for example, Congenital moles (shaped amid birth), Acquired moles (which seem further down the road). Be that as it may, if the moles begin getting agonizing or begin tingling or draining or increment quickly in estimate or if there is any asymmetry then it is prudent to counsel a dermatologist.

Not all moles are beautiful; removing them becomes necessary for aesthetic and health benefits. Moles removal at YCDC Clinics is outstanding because:

  • Treatment is done only by the experienced cosmetic dermatologists who have both skills and expertise to remove moles.
  •  Set and tested protocols and stringent guidelines assure safety and efficacy.
  •  At YCDC Clinics, we offer customized mole removal treatment for every client.
  •  Conveniently located state-of-the-art facilities with peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
  •  Comprehensive consultation with the doctor and subsequently care and attention by the rigorously trained therapists.
  •  Complete discreet, dignified, and confidential service by assigning individual consultation and service room to every client.

What are the Mole Removal treatments at YCDC?
Moles become a concern for cosmetic reasons when they stand out on the skin or when they have a potential to become cancerous. Moles can be treated either by a minor surgical procedure called Radiofrequency or electro cautery, punch excision or through Qswitched yag laser. Sometimes a combination of treatments may be needed.

Is the procedure painful?
Whatever the procedure chosen to treat moles, A local injectable anaesthesia is given or local anaesthetic cream is applied on target area while performing the treatment to ensure you don’t experience any discomfort.

What if the moles are large?
If the moles are large then it would require a deep surgery and once the excision is done, sutures are required.

How long does it take to heal?
The usual healing time would be about 1 week- 10 days for large size moles. 


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