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Anti Aging Services

We bring to you the aesthetics of the beauty and the science of medical knowledge as a single unified service under one roof.

Best Dermatologist For Anti Aging

The law of nature is something, we as people can’t conflict with and maturing is one among those difficulties. Yet, there are few measures which enable us to turn around or decrease the indications of a maturing face. This may prompt huge mental advantages improving the individual picture and social association aptitudes. This additionally energizes positive considering, profiting long haul wellbeing and long levity in a roundabout way. Maturing is of two noteworthy sorts to be specific characteristic maturing and outward maturing. Characteristic maturing is hereditarily modified while extraneous maturing is because of ecological variables like daylight, push, contamination, smoking, bothered rest designs and so forth. Exploration Of Skin remains as one stop goal to battle maturing. The motivation behind why YCDC is being picked by many is because of the armamentarium of systems and material to treat maturing combined with indepth comprehension and information of our dermatologists about skin maturing, their tremendous experience and wellbeing profile they take after. So hustle just a bit! Grin and get dimples at YCDC instead of stressing and getting wrinkles…

As you age, the creases, folds and ridges that you find in your skin are called Wrinkles. Due to the natural ageing process, the skin loses its strength to protect itself from damage as it becomes thin and loses its elasticity and volume. This is mainly due to rapid degradation of supporting proteins namely collagen and hyaluronic acid. Though wrinkles are considered a sign of wisdom, none of us would really appreciate them forming up as they are the prominent signs of ageing. But there is no need to worry’s there are sufficient measures to deal with wrinkles.

Wrinkles can be arranged basically into Surface Lines and Deep Furrows. The fundamental medications are adequate for Surface Lines however for Deep Furrows, an alternate approach is required. Wrinkles might be dynamic (in articulation) or static (very still). A couple of regular territories where wrinkles are discovered to a great extent are
Types of wrinkles :

  • Crow’s feet (at the corners of the eyes)
  • Forehead horizontal lines, glabellar lines (mid brow region)
  • Bunny lines (upper part of the nose), laughter lines around the mouth. Neck region may contain vertical wrinkles or horizontal grooves.

Treatment of wrinkles contrasts with every person and our accomplished dermatologists would experience an efficient and modified methodology which includes skin investigation and point by point understanding into the history. In view of the evaluation, a customized treatment design is actualized toensure that wrinkles are decreased to a vast degree and the skin stays energetic and sound for a more extended time. The accompanying are the administrations offered at YCDC:


Learn why Oliva Clinics anti aging treatment is the finest:

  • Dedicated team of expert cosmetic-dermatologists who are rigorously trained in various clinical treatments for anti ageing.
  • Fillers & other advanced cosmetic technology like Pixel laser resurfacing all under one roof to treat all forms of skin aging
  • State of the art facilities with relaxing and serene ambience
  • Discreet and confidential service with every client being assigned personal consultation room.
  • All the anti ageing treatments at Oliva Clinics are fast procedures which last not more than an hour or so.
  • The anti ageing treatment is customized as per the skin requirements and the type of skin ageing.

What is skin ageing and why it happens?
Skin ageing is the procedure when skin cells don’t produce collagen. The skin gradually loses its firm, elasticity and shine. The skin ageing can be both due to external and internal factor. External factors can be pollution, sun exposure, dust, etc. where as the internal factor can be your age or genes.

What are the symptoms of skin ageing?
The visible signs of skin aging are loss of skin elasticity, firmness, fine lines appearance, frown, saggy skin, losing the skin smoothness, visible dark spots and discolorations and the formation of wrinkles.

What are the anti ageing treatments options available?
YCDC Clinic offers Fillers, & other advanced cosmetic clinical treatments like Pixel laser skin resurfacing to reverse the process of skin ageing and get you the charming youthful face. Based on the initial skin assessment by the doctors, the actual treatment procedure is charted.

What is the age limit to get anti aging treatments at YCDC Clinics?
Anybody above 18 years old can undergo anti ageing treatment. Lactating, pregnant women and candidate with chronic illness may not be suited for the procedure.

What are the side effects of ant-ageing treatment?
There are very minor adverse reactions like: Temporary bruising Mild redness Slight headache Few clients also get flu like symptoms .

Are the treatments very painful at YCDC Clinics?
Every anti-ageing treatment at YCDC Clinics is administered by the specialist doctors. The pain is very comfortable and relaxing.

What are post treatment effects?
One can see the skin health and firmness in a week or so. The effects of anti-ageing treatment last for a year and needs post maintenance session every year.


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