Warts Removal at YCDC

Our skin may get affected by different types of infections based on different factors around us. A common occurrence among those is warts. These are basically growths on human skin which are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Sometimes these growths become prominent enough to cause social embarrassment. Warts are of different types such as

  • Filiform warts
  •  common warts
  •  Plantar warts
  •  Flat warts
  •  Periungual warts etc.

They can occur at any area of the body more often being seen on hands, feet and face. There are warts affecting the private areas which are transmitted sexually, caused by other varieties of HPV. Though the warts tend to disappear on their own, they may take a lot of time which may vary from one person to another. Sometimes, they may recur following certain modes of treatment. They are brown to black in color and may vary in size from 2-4 mm. Warts are considered to be contagious, but it is possible that only a single member of the family can have them without other members getting affected.

Treatment for Warts at YCDC

The most effective way to treat warts is by Radio frequency. It is a simple office procedure. To ensure that the individual doesn’t experience discomfort, an anaesthetic cream is applied to the target area for certain time. Sometimes tiny injections of local anaesthetic may be needed to make the process more comfortable. As part of the process, an electric probe is applied on the surface of the wart thus gradually burning it. It would then eventually shed off with natural healing within a week time. Topical antibiotics are prescribed for better and quick skin recover and also to avoid secondary infections. Sometimes a touch up session may be needed to avoid any kind of recurrence.


YCDC Clinics is the destination for you to remove warts with the most advanced technology and techniques:

  • The experienced and rigorously trained cosmetic dermatologists at YCDC Clinics remove the warts with extreme precision, accuracy, and safety.
  •  The Radio frequency laser equipments used are most advanced and USFDA approved for safety and efficacy.
  •  We respect your privacy and strive to make you feel comfortable by allocating a personal one-to-one consultation with the doctors and subsequently an individual service room.
  •  Your comfort is our priority, hence, we use the best numbing cream or local anaesthesia as prescribed to make the process absolutely painfree and comfortable.
  •  Every wart treatment at YCDC Clinics is done by following strict and stringent protocols at every step.
  •  We care for you post the treatment also. So, we offer an in-detailed post care instruction list which is customized just for you.
  •  Conveniently located state-of-the-art which are easy to access and have a calm, serene atmosphere to make you feel relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions​

No, a topical anaesthetic will anyhow be applied to ensure that you do not have any discomfort.

Post treatment, it would take about 3 to 7 days for the healing to take place.

The entire wart removal procedure takes a maximum of two hours. Sometimes it could be less than that. The discharge is done immediately subsequent to the precautions suggested by our specialists.

Scarring would depend entirely on the growth of the wart and depth of the wart in the skin. We ensure that no scars appear but if it is inevitable then you would be informed about it prior to the treatment.