Skin Care Tips for a Healthy Glowing Skin

The texture of the skin always determines the look of your face and body so it is important to keep the skin well nourished and hydrated. But how do you do that? Well, here are a few tips that can be followed:

  • One of the main reasons for skin damage is excessive exposure to sunlight. It leads to skin problems, wrinkles and age spots. So, use sunscreen lotion which has a minimum SPF of 15. Stay away from sunlight to the maximum during 10 am to 4 pm because the rays are strongest that time. You need to wear protective clothing.
  • Smoking is one habit which leads to wrinkles and makes the skin look old. It also damages elastin and collagen- the two fibers that give the skin elasticity and strength. So, quit smoking at the earliest.
  • Start treating your skin gently and limit your bath time. Use warm water and not hot water. Long showers remove oils from your skin. When you are shaving, lubricate the skin properly using gel or foam and shave in the direction of the hair growth, not against it. If you have dry skin, use moisturizer which contains SPF.
  • What you eat also matters to your skin. So, you need to maintain a healthy diet. Fruits, lean proteins, vegetables, whole grains and food rich in vitamin C always help in keeping the skin look younger.
  • Managing and controlling stress is the most important factor for skin care. Excess amounts of stress leads to acne problems. Try to involve more in things that you love to do and plan your work with certain time limits. A healthy state of mind ensures a lot of difference in the way your skin looks.
  • Whatever happens, make sure that you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night and this is one method that even a face cream cannot match.
  • When you are applying a face cream, do not dab it. Just use gentle pressure and massage your skin in circular motion. The blood circulation increases through this and face looks much better.
  • Lastly, this might sound unusual but have dark chocolate. Eating a small piece is also sufficient because dark chocolate comprises of anti-oxidants that provide a lot of protection to skin. It also creates some happy feelings inside your brain.