Brief Info on Pimples

  • This a very common skin condition that influences your mind and confidence when you take a look at yourself. 
  • Pimples are usually formed on the upper-half of your body due to numerous reasons that include hormonal imbalance, hyperactivity of the oil glands, polluted environment, physical & mental stress, etc. 
  • At YCDC, we have successfully helped hundreds of youngsters get rid of pimples with the help of suitable medication and precise treatment. 
  • Our dermatologists believe that early diagnosis is important to ensure that there is no/minimal impact.

Perks of Early Diagnosis

Besides having a significant impact on your appearance, pimples can also hinder your confidence levels, and delaying the treatment may cause irreparable damage to your skin, that include scars, rough skin, white-heads & black-heads. Early diagnosis of pimples and suitable remedy, as prescribed by our dermatologists at YCDC, will reduce the impact pimples have on your skin. In addition to this, we also guide our clients and help them minimize the chances of recurrence of pimples.

Pimple Removal Treatment

Frustrated with acne breakouts? Yes, you’re not alone. Countless people across the country struggle with pimples or acne. Acne spoils beauty and also affect one’s confidence. For many, the condition lasts much longer than the typical teenage phase of bad skin and this can cause untold distress. The sequel to inadequately treated acne or unaddressed acne is the acne scars which are beauty spoiler and bring the confidence level down. The best method of preventing and limiting scarring is the early treatment of acne.


  • SOS puts stock in stringent and tried conventions which incorporate an expand pre strategy evaluation and an itemized pictorial treatment design before pixel resurfacing.
  • Each treatment session is altered to suit your necessities, consolidating numerous modalities if your scars require them.
  • Ideal treatment parameters are utilized each time. Our thoroughly prepared, all around qualified corrective dermatologists pick the laser parameters simply after an inside and out examination of your skin’s scarring and pigmentation inclination.
  • We utilize just best in class, best in class innovations, which are extraordinarily decided for Indian skin. Your solace is chief at the forefront of our thoughts. Subsequently desensitizing cream is connected before the strategy to make the technique agreeable and smooth going.
  •  We are accessible for your pre and post methodology questions and make each move to guarantee we are with you till the entire issue is settled.
  • Treating shaded skin resembles a tightrope walk. Our dermatologists have aced the compelling artwork of adjusting safety with viability.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no specific reason that we can attribute towards causation of acne, but research has shown that multiple reasons, alone or in combination such as hormonal imbalance, puberty related changes and most importantly stress, pollution are largely responsible. The other causes could be usage of inferior cosmetics, smoking, drugs etc. Recent dermatological journals have revealed that even diet consisting of high fat and dairy content may be a reason behind acne.

Home remedies may or may not work for acne. Sometimes they may make the skin worse. It is always advised to follow the dermatologist’s advice in this regard before resorting to any such methods. Other simple care at home would be to apply suitable moisturizer as per the quality of skin and drink good amount of water and follow a balanced diet. Stress is a key reason for pimples to occur. This is something you can handle which can reduce your problem to a fair extent.

Yes, Acne is graded based on the predominant type of eruption. Grade 1 is usually the blackheads and whiteheads, grade 2 is papules which are the pink bumps on skin and painful on touch. Grade 3 is pustules which are big pimples containing pus and grade 4 is nodules which are the big, painful, solid bumps with widespread scarring.

Treatment for acne depends on the extent and severity of the skin problem. The dermatologists provide the apt solution after proper analysis of acne severity. Sometimes acne can subside through medications such as antibiotic creams, face wash, moisturizers and sunscreen lotions. At YCDC, acne control peels are done to improve the acne along with medicines as medical treatment alone may not help in many instances. In case of severe and large acne, intralesional injections are given.

Comedone extraction and acne control peels which are quite popular at YCDC are done under supervision of the specialists to treat acne. Microneedling radiofrequency technology is used to treat acne scars. This is effective in treating sunken scars of all types such as chicken pox scars. and post injury scars apart from acne scars.